2023-2024 ICS4U-E Submissions
3.30.3 Pub Long ISP: Publication
Date. Monday May 29. Subject: Long ISP
3.30.2 Pres Long ISP: Presentation
Date. Tuesday May 23. In Class.
3.8 DER Project 3.8 ADC Shield
Date. Saturday May 13. Subject: ADC Shield. Cancelled.
3.7 DER Project 3.7 Morland Bargraph
Date. Saturday April 29. Subject: Morland Bargraph. Cancelled.
3.30.1 Prop (Completed Word) Long ISP Proposal
Date. Saturday April 1. Subject: Long ISP Proposal
3.20.3 Pub Medium ISP: Publication
Date. Saturday March 11 Subject: Medium ISP
3.20.2 Pres Medium ISP: Presentation
Date. Monday/Wednesday March 6 & 8.
3.6 DER Project 3.6 Pin Change Interrupt
Date. Saturday ?. Subject: Pin Change Interrupt
3.5 DER (Optional) Project 3.5 Binary Challenge
Date. Monday February 20. Subject: Binary Challenge
3.4 DER Project 3.4 Register Level Shiftout
Date. Saturday February 11. Subject: Register Level Shiftout
3.20.1 Prop (Completed Word) Medium ISP Proposal
Date. SUNDAY January 15. Subject: Medium ISP Proposal
3.10.4 Pub Short ISP: Publication
Date. Saturday December 16. Subject: Short ISP
3.10.3 Pres Short ISP: Presentation Date. Monday December 11 & 13. In-Class
3.3 DER Project 3.3 Gate-Level Minimization
Date. Saturday December 10. Optional.
3.1.5 DER CHUMP: Final
Date. Saturday December 2. CHUMP: Final
3.1.4 DER CHUMP: RAM, Address, and Accumulator
OPTIONAL. Date. Saturday November 18.
Email Subject: CHUMP: RAM, Address, and Accumulator
3.1.3 DER CHUMP: Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU)
Date. Saturday November 4. Subject: CHUMP: Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU)
3.1.2 DER CHUMP: Program and Control EEPROM
Date. Saturday October 21. Subject: CHUMP: Program and Control EEPROM
3.1.1 DER CHUMP: Code, Clock, and Counter
Date. Saturday September 30.
Subject: CHUMP: Code, Clock, and Counter
3.10.1 Prop (Completed Word copy of) Short ISP Proposal
Date. Saturday September 23. Subject: Short ISP Proposal
3.0 DER Project 3.1. SMT: PB Machine
Date. Saturday September ??. Subject: SMT: PB Machine