2017-2018 TEI4M Project: The Simple and Affordable TTL Processor for the Classroom


Given that ACES is an acronym for Advanced Computer Engineering School it seems reasonable to introduce students to just that: building their own processor from scratch. Of the variety of designs to choose from, for the 2017-2018 academic year we'll select one based on TTL chips due to their availability, project documentation and suitability for our background:

PDF Reference: A Simple and Affordable TTL Processor for the Classroom. D. Feinberg.

Breadboard Photo IC Discussion
Chip # Description Who? Usage
555 Timer DD Clk: clock source
74LS00 (Digikey) Quad 2-Input NAND ASP NAND: jump bit logic
74LS157 (Digikey) Quad 2/1 Data Selector EM Mux: select constant/memory
74LS161 (Digikey) 4-Bit Counter SC PC: Program Counter
74LS174 (Digikey) Hex D Flip-Flop TM Addr: next R/W address
74LS181 (ABRA) Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) OL ALU: Logic/Arithmetic test if zero
74LS377 (Digikey) Octal D Register TM Accum: accumulator register
74S289 (ABRA)
74S189 (ABRA)
64-bit RAM JS RAM: data storage
AT28C17 (ABRA) 2k x 8 Parallel EEPROM EP Program code and Control logic




Jackson Russett's EEPROM Programmer Shield (Rollover):