2022-2023 ICS4U-E Submissions
3.30.4 Pub Long ISP: Publication
Date. Saturday April 30. Subject: Long ISP
3.30.3 Pres Long ISP: Presentation
Date. Wednesday April 27
3.4 DER Project 3.5
TWAIN or ADC Shield or Intersection Shield
Date. Saturday April 30. Included with Long ISP Publication.
3.30.1 Prop (Completed Word) Long ISP Proposal
Date. Monday February 21. Subject: Long ISP Proposal
3.20.4 Pub Medium ISP: Publication
Date. Wednesday February 16 Subject: Medium ISP
3.20.3 Pres Medium ISP: Presentation
Date. Wednesday/Thursday February 9/10
3.20.2 Prev Medium ISP: Preview
Date. Cancelled
3.3 DER Project 3.4. Pin Change Interrupt
Date. Thusday February 4. Subject: Pin Change Interrupt
3.20.1 Prop (Completed Word) Medium ISP Proposal
Date. Saturday December ??. Subject: Medium ISP Proposal
3.10.4 Pub Short ISP: Publication
Date. Saturday December 17. Subject: Short ISP
3.10.3 Pres Short ISP: Presentation Date. Monday December 14 & 16. In-Class
3.3 DER Project 3.3 Gate-Level Minimization
Date. Saturday December 10. Optional.
3.2.5 DER CHUMP: Final
Date. Monday November 28. CHUMP: Final
3.2.4 DER CHUMP: RAM, Address, and Accumulator
Date. None
3.10.2 Prev Short ISP: Preview
Date. November ??
3.2.3 DER (Optional) CHUMP: Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU)
Date. Saturday November 5. Subject: CHUMP: Arithmetic and Logic Unit
  Prototype CHUMP: Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU)
Date. Tuesday November 1. In Class Group Effort.
3.2.2 DER CHUMP: Program EEPROM
Date. Sunday October 23. Subject: CHUMP: Program EEPROM
3.2.1 DER CHUMP: Code, Clock, and Counter
Date. Monday October 10. Subject: CHUMP: Code, Clock, and Counter
3.10.1 Prop (Completed Word copy of) Short ISP Proposal
Date. Saturday September 17. Subject: Short ISP Proposal
3.1 DER Project 3.1. SMT: PB Machine
Date. Saturday September 17. Subject: SMT: PB Machine