RSGC ACES PCB Enclosure Sampler (Last Update: 2022 01 05)

ACES' ambitious multi-domain Design Engineering programme places a high priority on finished prototypes. Autodesk's Eagle PCB Design Application enables ACES to imagine and design Printed Circuit Boards, many of which can be viewed in our PCB Archive. Skilled use of Autodesk's Fusion 360 takes ACES' prototype development process to the next level enabling the design of imaginative enclosures, encasements, mounts, and stands to showcase their PCBs and their performance. The content that follows below presents various solutions to the encasement challenge that ACES have previously developed.



Hex Standoffs: Capacitor Visualizer




Acrylic: The RSGC 50th Anniversary Clock

Acrylic: The Gecko


Acrylic: The RSGC Knight Light

Acrylic: The Charlieplexed Equalizer/Messager


3D Printed PLA: Analog Oscillator (aka Astable Multivibrator)


3D Printed PLA: ICS2O Counting Circuit. Printing Video courtesy of K. Fiset-Algarvio.

Design Attributions

3D Printed PLA: Day Counter/Equalizer. Design: D. Dadyburjor (ACES' 18)



Acrylic and 3D Printed PLA: Binary Challenge. Design: K. Fiset-Algarvio (ACES' 19)


3D Printed PLA: Dolgin Development Case. Design: J. Dolgin (ACES' 20)

3D Printed PLA: 1/2 Perma Proto Stand. Design: C. D'Arcy (Dec '21)

3D Printed PLA: Mint Tin Case. Design: C. D'Arcy (Dec '21)