ACES Gecko - Overview, Firmware, and Tutorial

The ACES Gecko had a humble but ambitious conception. Could Grade 11 ACES convert a completely original concept into a viable commercial product that would withstand the rigors of consumer expectations? Furthermore, could it be accomplished in eight weeks? The answer was yes. Introducing the Gecko. The Gecko is a compact device that displays the time, temperature, date and year. This is achieved with the support of I2C compatible components that include a Real Time Clock (RTC), Temperature Sensor, and 4-Digit 7-Segment Display. The RTC keeps track of the year, month, and time while the Temperature Sensor samples and supplies temperature data. Finally, the display, similar to that of a digital clock, shows the data collected by the RTC, Temperature Sensor and the day number from an RSGC Calendar coded annually into the firmware. The printed circuit board was developed in partnership with Robert Saunders, of this year's ACES' TEI4M class. The acrylic plates were developed with the support of our parent partner, Paul Elia. The Gecko is the first product created by ACES that has grown bigger than just a “project”, and it is, hopefully, a harbinger of achievements to come.