2018-2019 ICS4U Submissions
30d Long ISP: Presentation
Date. Monday May 27 (and Wednesday May 29 if necessary). In class.
30c Long ISP: Publication  
Date. Sunday May 26. Email Subject: Long ISP
30b Long ISP: Preview  
Date. Wednesday April 24. (in-class preview tour)
30a Long ISP: Proposal (CAD)
Date. Wednesday March 27. (hand to Mr. D at the start of the class)
20d Medium ISP: Publication  
Date. Saturday March 9. Email Subject: Medium ISP
20c Medium ISP: Presentation  
Date. Tuesday March 5. In class.
20b Medium ISP: Preview  
Date. Monday February 11. In class.
20a Medium ISP: Proposal (SMD&CAD)
Date. Monday January 14. Email edited copy to handin @ START of class under Subject Line: Medium ISP Proposal
3 Rotary BCD Switch
Date. Wednesday December 19. Email Subject: Rotary BCD Switch
2b Telephone Keypad: 3m Presentation
Date. Tuesday December 4. In Class.
2a Telephone Keypad: ER
Date. Saturday December 1. Email Subject: Telephone Keypad
10d Short ISP: Presentation
Date. Tuesday November 6. In Class
10c Short ISP: Publication
Date. Saturday November 3. Email Subject: Short ISP
1e CHUMP: Completed Processor
Date. Wednesday October 24. ER. Email Subject: CHUMP: Completed Processor
1d CHUMP: Processor (Common)
Date. Saturday October 13. ER. Email Subject: CHUMP: Processor (Common)
10b Short ISP: Preview
Date. Tuesday October 9. In Class
1c CHUMP: Arithmetic and Logic Unit
Date. Saturday September 29. ER.
Email Subject: CHUMP: Arithmetic and Logic Unit
1b CHUMP: Clock
Date. Saturday September 22. ER. Email Subject: CHUMP: Clock
1a CHUMP: Code
Date. Saturday September 15. ER. Email Subject: CHUMP: Code
10a Short ISP: Proposal
Date. Thursday September 13. In Class. Hard copy to Mr. D.