TEL3M Independent Study Projects (ISPs): Fall 2015

Independent Study Projects. Please read the philosophy of why ACES pursue Independent Study Projects so vigorously.

To my mind, the characteristics of a great project include such aspects as imagination, creativity, a degree of risk and, sometimes, even simplicity, to name a few. Check out the flashlight circuit 'board' this guy made out of little more that a piece of paper and a pencil. Simple, but inspiring. Consider, possibly, a problem that needs a solution. Boyan Slat did at age 17 when he was in high school; four years later he was cleaning up the world's oceans. So, dig in, think, dream, research, and explore possible project pursuits. Be discerning: don't accept the first thing that comes along. Above all, remember this is your education. You can choose a path of little resistance, but who would you be short-changing?

You'll be expected to maintain the progress of your ISP so have your phone handy to at all times to capture the images of your journey. Be conscious of the fact that a two-page summary of your project will appear in your ER after Presentation Day for more permanent record of your efforts. You may wish to take into account the ISP Evaluation document that will be applied on your Presentation Day.

Also, don't underestimate the value of an enterprise/entrepreneurial aspect to your project that could see a number of units of your project for sale in the Dragon's Lair or beyond, reaching an even a broader audience.

Barney, O.
My project is going to be a small timer that will have a time limit between 1 and 5 minutes. A potentiometer will be used to choose how long I want it to time for.
Blum, M.
Boom Box
A speaker with an iPod input and a DCIOYWA as as an additional feature to measure volume.
Canavan, S.
LED Thermometer
A thermister for input and a BiColor LED for output. Processing will result in a red or green outcome.
Chepeha, K.
Christmas Music Player
I am going to build a circuit that has the ability to make different tones. The Arduino-based circuit will play festive tunes.
Culbert, M.
Dadyburjor, D.
The Calling
My project detects loud noises and alerts you visually; in my case, when my parents are calling me.
Donnelly, B.
Arduino Alarm System
This project will use a motion sensor that will trigger flashing LEDs and buzzers.
Harris, E.
Person Detector
I will be making an Arduino-based circuit that tells me through the use of a motion sensor if anyone has entered a room by having an LED light up.
Hofer, D.
LED Countdown Timer
A countdown timer that shows LEDs turing off as time elapses. Once the time interval ends, a buzzer goes off.
Morland, T.
Electronic Keypad
An electronic keypad which will light an LED when the correct code is entered.
Peterson, E.
RSGC Day Counter
The RSGC Day counter is a circuit using an ATtiny85 and the 4511 7-segment decoder to display the day of the cycle.
Rawlinson, M.
Sheeres-Paulicpulle, A.
Four-Way Traffic Lights
This project is showing the changing lights of a 4-way intersection.
Stephenson-Smith, J.
Keypad Lock
Similar to the locks on the RSGC doors, the project uses a keypad (PBNO) wired to a bolt lock using a 4-input AND Gate.
Tepsich, N.
Bike Turning Signal
I propose to make a bike turn signal using a 555 Timer IC. When the button is pressed, the LEDs will light up in sequence indication which direction one is turning
Tuer, M.
Touch-Activated Alarm
The end result will be an alarm system. When you touch a sensor an alarm will be set off making a loud sound and turn on an LED.

Grade Contribution to Final Mark
S:M = 10%:15%
S:M:L = 10%:15%:20%

For the bulk of your formal education you have been, and will continue to be, required to consume curriculum chosen for you by someone else. Fortunately (hopefully) you will put this knowledge and skill to good use in your future. However, jumping through someone else's hoops alone does not, typically, secure future success. For that, you must demonstrate your own initiative, motivation, and passion. These qualities need to be cultivated and our Grade 10 hardware course is a perfect place to start. There is so much to learn and there are so many great projects out there that offer stimulating contexts within which to develop and refine your interests.