2020-2021 ICS4U-E Tasks


The greatest challenge (and I believe, privilege) for ACES is to influence the direction of our program. Through your imagination and skill you are expected to contribute to the enhancement of our mutual creativity, tool set, and assets. G. Benson (ACES' 19) fulfilled this opportunity/commitment through his enhancement of the indispensable PB Machine (P. Bagga, ACES '17). Beginning in the Fall of 2019, Sr. ACES are expected to solder up their own GB machine and put it to good use in the pursuit of their own prototypes.

Project 3.1. GB Machine. Your experience with electric circuits has been largely limited to components that use through-hole technology (THT). To round out your proficiency with all components, your next few projects will require the use of devices that use surface-mount technology (SMT). As the graphic reveals, the smallest size that is reasonable for hand-soldering techniques is the 1206 family, so this is what we carry in the DES inventory.

GB Machine (click image to enlarge)
1206 LED Package


  1. In his Sr. ACES year, G. Benson (ACES '19) redesigned the PB Machine (RSGC ACES DC Power Jack developed by P. Bagga (ACES '17)). Affectionately referred to as the GB Machine, this breadboard appliance includes supply rail spanning, ON/OFF switching, diode protection, and optional features that include 5V regulation and ON/OFF LED indication. You will be given a small parts kit that includes the GB Machine PCB, a THT DC power jack, 1N4001 power diode, 7805 voltage regulator, two mini SPDT slide switches, and two 2x3 male header sets, a blue, 1206 SMT LED, and a 10kΩ 1206 chip resistor.
  2. Using your available soldering equipment, assemble both the THT and SMT components of your GB Machine.
  3. Develop a creative circuit that exploits your new GB Machine device.
  4. Add your first ICS4U project report to your DER and submit by the deadline.
  5. Below is an image of a Grade 10 555-Based Traffic Light Sequence (555+4017) that uses the GB Machine (click image to enlarge)