2021-2022 ICS3U-E Submissions
Due Date and Time
2.20c DER
Long ISP Publication
Saturday May 29. Email Subject: Long ISP
2.20b Pres
Long ISP Presentation
Tuesday May 25. Email Subject: Long ISP Presentation
2.6 DER
Project 2.6. Mechanical
Due Saturday May 8. Subject Line: Mechanical
2.20a Prop
Long ISP Proposal
(CAD, Comm, Mech)
Due Saturday April 3. Attach completed proposal to email to handin, by midnight, with Subject Line: Long ISP Proposal
2.10c DER
Medium ISP Publication
Saturday March 27. Email Subject: Medium ISP
2.10b Pres
Medium ISP Presentation
Monday March 22. Email Subject: Medium ISP Presentation (from home)
2.5 Optional DER
Project 2.5. Wireless Communication
Saturday February 27. Email Subject: Wireless Communication
2.4.3 Optional DER
Project 2.4.3
Mint Tin ATmega328P
Saturday January 30.
Email Subject: Mint Tin ATmega328P
2.10a Prop
Medium ISP Proposal
Saturday January 23. Attach the fully completed, double-sided Medium ISP Proposal to an email to handin by the start of class. Email Subject: Medium ISP Proposal
2.4.2 Optional
Project 2.4.2
Perma-Proto ATmega328P
Saturday January 16. Email Subject: Perma-Proto ATmega328P
2.4.1 DER
Project 2.4.1
Breadboard ATmega328P
Saturday December 19. Email Subject: Breadboard ATmega328P
2.3 DER
Project 2.3 Ask UNO
Saturday ??. Email Subject: Ask UNO
2.2 DER
Project 2.2
Persistence of Vision

Saturday November 13. Email Subject: Persistence of Vision
2.1 DER
Project 2.1 Traffic Light
Saturday September 25. Email Subject: Traffic Light