2019-2020 ICS3U Submissions
Due Date and Time
2.20 DER
Long ISP Publication
Due Saturday May 30. Email Subject: Long ISP
2.9 DER
Time-Sensitive Mechanics
Due Saturday May 9. Subject Line: Time-Sensitive Mechanics
2.8 Video
DC Motor Control
Due Sunday April 19. Subject Line: DC Motor Control
2.7 DER
DC Motor Tachometry
Due Saturday April 11. Subject Line: DC Motor Tachometry
2.20a Form
Long ISP (CAD&Comm) Proposal
Due Saturday April 4. Attach completed proposal to email to handin, by midnight, with Subject Line: Long ISP Proposal
2.10 DER
Medium ISP Publication
Saturday February 29. Email Subject: Medium ISP
2.10 Pres
Medium ISP Presentation
Thursday February 27 (Monday March 1, Wednesday March 3)
2.6.3 DER
Project 2.6.3
Legacy PCB/Appliance (Final)
Saturday February 1 (or sooner). Email Subject: Legacy PCB/Appliance (Final)
2.6.2 DER
Project 2.6.2
Legacy PCB/Appliance
Saturday January 11. Email Subject: Legacy PCB/Appliance
2.6.1 Files
Project 2.6.1
Legacy PCB/Appliance
Wednesday January 8. Email Subject: Legacy PCB/Appliance Files
2.10 Prop
Medium ISP Proposal
Wednesday January 8. Attach the fully completed, double-sided Medium ISP Proposal to an email to handin by the start of class. Email Subject: Medium ISP Proposal
2.5 DER
Project 2.5. MatrixMadeEZ
Saturday December 14. Email Subject: MatrixMadeEZ
Hand your device to Mr. D.
Monday December 2. Leave your device with Mr. D. at the START of class
2.4.2 DER
Project 2.4.2 Altoids Arduino
Saturday November 30. Email Subject: Altoids Arduino
2.4.1 DER
Project 2.4.1 Breadboard ATmega328P
Saturday November 23. Email Subject: Breadboard ATmega328P
2.3 DER
Project 2.3. PoV Word
Saturday November 9. Email Subject: PoV Word
2.2 DER
Project 2.2. Binary Button Echo
Saturday October 19. Email Subject: Binary Button Echo
2.1 DER
Project 2.1. Traffic Light
Saturday September 28. Email Subject: Traffic Light