2018-2019 ICS3U Submissions
Due Date and Time
20d DER
Long ISP Publication
Saturday June 1. Subject: Long ISP (Course over)
20c Pres
Long ISP Presentation
Tuesday May 21.
7b DER &
Legacy PCB/Appliance. Part B.
Saturday May 4. Email Subject: Legacy PCB/Appliance
Hand Mr. D. a FUNCTIONING unit in class on Monday May 6.
20b Pres
Long ISP Preview
Wednesday April 24. In class update of your Long ISP progress
7a Files
Legacy PCB/Appliance. Part A.
Wednesday April 10. Attach ?.sch ?.brd, and ?.zip files where ? is appropriately chosen. Email Subject: Legacy PCB/Appliance
20a Form
Long ISP (with Design) Proposal
Due Friday March 29. Submit completed Proposal at start of class
6d DER
ACES Rover
Saturday March 9. Email Subject: ACES Rover
6c Perf
ACES Rover: Qualifiers & Finals
Friday March 1 and Tuesday March 5
In Class Course Competitions
10d DER
Medium ISP Publication
Saturday February 23. Email Subject: Medium ISP
10c Pres
Medium ISP Presentation
Tuesday February 19 and Thursday February 21
6b Video
ACES Rover: Concept Video
Tuesday February 5: YouTube Video (2 minutes, maximum)
Subject Link to handin. Subject: Concept Video

10b Pres
Medium ISP Preview
Wednesday January 30 and Friday February 1.
In class preview/update of your ISP progress

6a Form
ACES Rover: Team Organization
Thursday January 10: Team information due in class
10a Form
Medium ISP (with CAD) Proposal
Thursday January 10. Submit to Mr. D. at the start of the class.
Project 5. Design Sessions
Wednesday December 19. Email Subject: Design Sessions
Project 4. MatrixMadeEZ
Saturday November 17. Email Subject: MatrixMadeEZ
Project 3. Shift Register - Bargraph
Saturday October 27. Email Subject: Shift Register - Bargraph
Project 2. ASCII & Buttons
Saturday October 13. Email Subject: ASCII & Buttons
Project 1. Traffic Light
Assembly and Testing
Monday September 24. Email Subject: Traffic Light Assembly and Testing