2016-2017 TEI3M (Possible) Legacy Projects

With PCB and CAD skills available to us, our own unique ACES' twist on the projects below could form the basis for our Legacy Project. Below is a list of possibilities for 2016-2017,

Music Visualizer. The visualizer below left is from Blackmagic Design. The Piccolo is a visualizer concept forwarded by Adafruit, just waiting to be encased and made retail-ready.

Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Pro Piccolo Visualizer from Adafruit

Pocket Gamer. Adafruit offers an I2C-based mini gaming device. A variation of this unit coupld exploit a number of our skills.








Prototyping Platform. Grace Instrumentation offers a number of prototyping development platforms such as the one depicted to the right.








Gecko II. As successful as Gecko I is, it can always be improved upon. Futhermore, the brand has awareness, so selling units of an updated model is easier. How about any of the following enhancements,

Gecko III. The next generation of the Gecko replaces most of it's hardware with Particle's Photon WiFi Board and joins the IoT.

Can you imagine???