RSGC's Design Engineering Studio


YEAR 3: 2017/2018

Club: Tinker Club (Fall: Wednesday afternoons) Grades 7 and 8, Ms. Hubbs
Club: Programming Club (Wednesday afternoons all year) E. Peterson
Classes: ACES (TEL3M, TEI3M, TEI4M)
Class: Grade 3 Binary Numbers (Spring: 4 Sessions)
Class: Grade 4 Coding: Frozen (Spring: 6 Sessions)
Class: Grade 5 Digital Logic (Winter: 6 Sessions)
Class: Grade 6 Analog Circuits (Fall: 9 Sessions)
Resources: Ultimaker 3 (D. Dadyburjor)
Resources: Formbox (January 2018)

YEAR 2: 2016/2017

Club: Tinker Club (Fall: Wednesday afternoons) Grades 7 and 8, Ms. Hubbs
Club: Gecko Club (Friday afternoons all year) P. Bagga, D. Dadyburjor, T. Morland
Classes: ACES (TEL3M, TEI3M, TEI4M)
Class: Grade 4 Coding: Frozen (Fall: 6 Sessions)
Class: Grade 6 Electricity (Winter) Collaboration with the Linden School

YEAR 1: 2015/2016

Project: Grade 7 Passion Project, Ms. K. Hubbs
Club: Build with Bibby (Tuesday afternoons), Mr. W. Bibby & Mr. Drew Blanchette
Club: Tinker Club (Fall Wednesday afternoons) Grades 7 and 8, Ms. Hubbs
In this club the boys with have the opportunity to tinker with projects such as paper circuits, scribble machines, and toy take aparts. The boys will be using their knowledge and ideas to create and develop a club for the younger boys next term. This club is a leadership opportunity to share their love of tinkering.
Club: PCB Club (Fall Friday afternoons) Grade 11
Club: VEX Robotics (Monday & Wednesday afternoons) Mr. R. Gordon and Mr. N. Chow
Future: CTC in the Classroom
Classes: ACES (TEL3M, TEI3M, TEI4M)
Class: Grade 6 Electricity (Winter), Grade 10 Spanish, Sign-making, Ms. C. Gryfe-Seeley (Spring)


From time to time the DES is presented with project ideas, suggestions and requests. ACES and general users are strongly encouraged to consider undertaking these project opportunities to develop their design, engineering, communication, and client-partnership skills. The active list of requests appears below.

Store (located in the Dragon's Lair)

A limited number of common electronic components are available for purchase in the Dragon's Lair, beginning in September 2015. Project enthusiasts are able to charge the items below to their RSGC account.

3D Printing (D. Dadyburjor, K. Fiset-Algarvio)

The DES has two 3D printers: MakerBot Replicator 2 and an Ultimaker 3.

Files for the Makerbot 2 should be sent to K. Fiset-Algarvio. Files for the Ultimaker 3 should be sent to D. Dayburjor.

DES Technician (Mr. D. Blanchette)

Mr. D. Blanchette donates his skills to the DES in support of students' project development needs. Typically wood, acrylic and metal sheets are delivered to RSGC with large dimensions that must be reduced through milling on the College's power saws. Given sufficient lead time, Mr. Blanchette will do his best to prepare materials to a size workable by students with the tools available in the DES.

Technical Assistants (TAs)

ACES students are selected each year as Technical Assistants within the DES. Their leadership and engineering skills are designed to assist users of the Studio in their project pursuits. The TAs for the 2016/2017 academic year are Andrew Elder, Brendan Leder and Oliver Logush.

Origins and Guidance

By the spring of 2015, Vision '18 discussions had progressed to the point that it became apparent that Design Thinking, Collaborative Inquiry and Project-Based curriculum pursuits were attractive models for RSGC but required space to field test their practice. It was decided that since the second floor of See House offered a large, bright, centrally-located classroom, it should be designated as the hub of the application of these activities. Since the ACES' program in the Senior School had been moving in this pedagogical direction for a number of years, and had a history of supporting a whole-school mindset, the space, dubbed the Design Engineering Studio, became the new ACES' home and placed under the direction of C. D'Arcy. Together with Ms. A. Magor and Mr. M. Ruscitti, the Instructional Leaders within the Junior and Senior Schools, these three individuals form the DES Guidance team that will chart the course of the Design Engineering Studio over the next three years.