RSGC's Design Engineering Studio: Tinker Club





Spring 2016 - Programmable Circuits

The goal of this short 3-session collaboration between Tinker Club and Grade 12 ACES is to produce a single-page, interactive programmable circuit using components from Chibitronics. Here are examples of some amazing Grade 12 pages created earlier this term.

Week 3 (May 25). (Chris)

Week 2 (May 18). (Justin & Ross)

Week 1 (May 11). (Jackson & Jamie) Your task this week is to review the available components and resources described below and envision an interactive page that can be developed. Your circuit could be a road map, a treasure map, a haunted house, a constellation map, a holiday scene, traffic lights, or whatever else your creative imagination suggests to you. 'Brilliant' Grade 12 ACES students will be on hand to advise and assist you each week. You may wish to review the wide variety of example circuits on the Chibitronics website for inspiration.


6. Scribble Machine. If Elephants can create art, why not motors? The tinkerers built their motorized art machines and let 'em loose!

5. Moving last week's LED prototype circuit from a breadboard to a 'Stripboard'.

4. Prototyping a circuit...

3. Motor Principle from a AA battery, Magnets and a coil of wire

3. Paper Circuits continued

2. Wednesday September 30. Paper Circuits.

1. Wednesday September 23. LED Throwies.