The Advanced Computer Engineering School Hall of Fame along with its parent patrons recognize those Georgians that have made a substantial commitment to our subject discipline. First conferred in 2006, the Hard Hat is awarded to those graduating ACES that have invested three years of study within our School. We are particularly proud of those students who incorporate challenging and rewarding study in our area after graduation. Software ACES with names in UPPERCASE earned a score of 5 on each of the APCS exams written.
Chapel photos supplied courtesy of CanGrad Studios.
ACES Engineering Scholarship (AES). First conferred in 2020, the AES is bestowed annually upon the graduating ACE that best reflects the criteria of the Award: "The ACES Engineering Scholarship is awarded upon graduation from our 3-year ACES program to a unique student who, through his aptitude and dedication to design and/or engineering, has left a legacy for which other students that follow may benefit from. In doing so, the recipient embodies the broadest scope of ACES ideals."
The AES is accompanied by a scholarship in the amount of $1000.
ACES are particularly proud when one of their own is chosen by the College as their Schulich Leader Scholar. For three years running, ('22, '23, & '24) RSGC's choice has been from within the ACES ranks.

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2024 J. Czekalla (TA) ? (Computer) Engineering
2024 G. Davidge (TA) ? Electrical Engineering
2024 V. Jegatheesan (TA) ? Engineering
2024 L. McCartney (TA) ? Computer Engineering
2024 A. Sondeheimer (TA) ? (Electrical) Engineering
2023 S. Appleyard (TA) ⚔ Imperial College (Dyson School of Design Engineering)
2023 T. Appleyard (TA) Mechanical Engineering
2023 A. Elder (TA) Mechanical Engineering
2023 H. Mann Shaw (TA) Computer Engineering
2023 R. Muir (TA) Computer Engineering
2023 J. Rogan (TA) ⚔ Electrical Engineering
2023 E. Shea Computer Engineering (Boston University)
2023 J. Strain (TA) Mechatronics Engineering
2022 L. Cassano (TA) Architecture
2022 X. Chin (TA) ⚔ Mechatronics and AI
2022 J. Colraine (TA) Aerospace
2022 J. Duckman (TA) Engineering (Mechatronics and Robotics)
2022 J. Goodwin (TA) Computer Systems Engineering (Co-op)
2022 D. Langill (TA) Computer Science/Business Admin (Dual)
2022 H. McDonald (TA) Engineering
2021 S. Atkinson (TA) ⚔ Electrical Engineering (Co-op)
2021 P. Bizzarri (Pr) Electrical Engineering
2021 A. Goldman (TA) ⚔ Computer Engineering (Co-op)
2021 L. Robertson-Caryll (TA) Engineering and Arts (Dual)
2021 J. Shibley (TA) Aerospace (Co-op)
2021 J. Vretenar (TA) Computer
2020 J. Dolgin (TA) ⚔ Mechatronics (Co-op)
2020 F. Folarin (TA) Electrical & Computer Engineering (Co-op)
2020 J. Lank (TA) Mechanical Engineering
2020 C. Macdonald Engineering
2020 L. Mazzuca (TA) Engineering
2020 M. McCutcheon Engineering
2020 J. Parker Engineering
2020 S. Peterson (TA) Finance (Co-op)
2020 E. Pyper Engineering
2019 G. Benson (P) Software Engineering & Commerce
2019 J. Corley (TA) Computer Engineering
2019 K. Fiset-Algarvio (TA) Mechanical Engineering
2019 A. Hodgson (TA) Engineering
2019 S. Knezevic (TA) (Mechanical) Engineering (Co-op)
2019 D. Raymond (P) Systems Design (Coop)
2019 H. Reed (TA) Economics & Business
2018 S. Canavan (HB) Mechanical Engineering
2018 D. Dadyburjor (TA) OCAD Industrial Design
2018 O. Logush (TA) Electrical Engineering
2018 E. McAuliffe (TA) Computer Engineering and Management (5-year)
2018 T. Morland (TA) Electrical and Computer Engineering (Direct Entry)
2018 E. Peterson (TA) Electrical and Computer Engineering (Direct Entry)
2018 J. Schaffer Electrical Engineering
2018 A. Sheeres-Paulicpulle Computer Science
2017 S. Armstrong (Mechanical) Engineering
2017 P. Bagga (TA) Computer Engineering
2017 M. Blum Computer Engineering
2017 G. Chien Engineering
2017 T. Davies Systems and Computing
2017 A. Elder (TA) (Mechatronics) Engineering
2017 O. Gane Engineering
2017 J. Goldsmith Computer Engineering
2017 M. Kingsley Arts & Science
2017 B. Leder (TA) Engineering Science
2017 M. McCutcheon Engineering
2017 R. Miller Civil Engineering
2017 C. Noble-Curveira Physical Science
2017 S. Trevor Engineering (Electrical/Mechanical)
2016 R. Hill Computing
2016 J. Linsdell Engineering, Harvard MS/MBA Eng. Sci. (2024)
2016 C. Molloy Computing
2016 R. Power (Software) Engineering
2016 J. Russett (TA)
Engineering Science
2016 J. Yan (TA)
(Chemical) Engineering
2015 G. Bateman Software Engineering
2015 S. Boyd Engineering
2015 S. Cook Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)
2015 L. Devir (HB) Engineering (Electrical)
2015 M. Elia (TA) Engineering (Electrical)
2015 A. Ettehadieh Engineering (Mechanical)
2015 R. Fletcher Mechatronics Systems Engineering
2015 R. Friesen Arts (Film)
2015 T. Garrow , Science, M.Sc. (ECE)
2015 T. Hillyer Engineering
2015 R. Saunders Engineering (Computer)
2015 R. Solway (TA) Computer Science
2015 G. Trusler Arts
2015 P. Wright Engineering (Chemical)
2014 C. Anderson Engineering
2014 P. Houlding Computer Science
2014 W. Knowles Engineering
2014 C. Norton Engineering
2014 R. Mahjour Engineering
2014 M. Overing Commerce
2014 Z. Ringwood Computer Science/IBU/Computer Science
2014 S. Ruscica Engineering
2014 C. Sansom Computer Engineering
2013 J. Arbesman Mechanical Engineering
2013 R. Beatty* Computer Science
2013 J. HINTON King's University College
Foundations in the Humanities
2013 M. Kruk   Marine Biology
2013 K. MacMillan Electrical Engineering
2012 S. Knowles Engineering (Electrical/Computer)
2012 M. LAPINSKY Engineering (Electrical/Computer)
2012 T. Nguyen   Dalhousie
2012 K. Pladsen Communications
2012 J. Wilson   Dalhousie
2012 J. ZHU Engineering (Electrical/Computer)
2011 A. Cao   Systems Design
2011 D. Chadwick Mechanical Engineering
2011 J. GETTINGS Computer Science
2011 H. Hauswirth   Software Engineering
2011 J. Kim   Life Sciences
2011 R. SAGMAN   Computer Science
2010 R. Barnett-Kemper   Computer Science & Math (Concurrent Education)
2010 A. Bollefer Engineering
2010 I. COMERY Software Engineering
2010 O. Evans   Engineering Science
2010 C. Gluek Engineering
2010 M. Ingram   Computer Science and Environmental Science
2010 M. Kryshtalskyj   Science & Business
2010 W. Waterman Engineering
2009 CHRIS BLACK , Mechanical Engineering > Ph.D (Mathematics)
2009 SEVERIN TSUJI Northwestern (Chicago) Industrial Engineering (University of Michigan)
2009 Brendan Lee   Electrical Engineering
2009 Mark Mitchell Electrical Engineering > Hatch Consulting Engineers
2009 Maksym Moros Electrical Engineering
2009 Rothman Ng Honours Mathematics/Chartered Acountancy (Co-op)
2009 Nigel Schwartz   Foundation Year
2009 Matt Weldon Engineering
2008 Oliver Blake Engineering
2008 Chris Hammill   Science
2008 Mike Mallin Computer Engineering > Cisco
2008 ANDREW McMULLEN   Engineering Physics (Computer Science minor)
2007 Chris Bowlby   Arts (Management)
2007 Brendan Briggs   Engineering
2007 Matthew Chan*      
2007 ALEX DOYLE*   Mathematics and Statistics
2007 Dieter Fishbein*   Mathematics
2007 Chris Fowler   Liberal Arts
2007 Alex Hucal   Engineering Science
2007 Mark Simon   Computer Science
2006 TOMMY HODDES Engineering
2006 Tim Knowles   Engineering
2006 Carl Noel   Computer Engineering > Microsoft (Seattle)
2006 Ed Watson Engineering
2006 Cam Wood   Engineering
2005 PHILIP LANG   Mathematics and Physics
2005 Edmund Lee   Engineering
2005 Alex Durand      
2005 Matt Parker   Science
2005 Derek Chan   Civil Engineering
2004 Mark Camball   Engineering
2004 GAVIN CHAN   Commerce
2004 Corcoran Conn-Grant   Journalism
2004 Tony Law   Engineering
2004 Jamie Lino   Business
2004 Michael Plewman   Engineering
2004 Owen Williams   Aerospace Engineering (Imperial College)
Master's of Aeronautical Engineering PhD (Princeton)
2004 Matthew Yeung   Engineering
2004 Benson Yu   Industrial Engineering
2003 DICK CHOW   Life Sciences
2003 Kevin Fowler   Chemistry/ Master's: Nanochemistry
2003 Justin Ho   Biomedical Computing > Google
2003 Patrick Swaine   Computer Science
2002 Ronson Chan   Computer Science/Math/Bus
2002 Ivan Chin   Computer Science > RIM
2002 Mario Maruzzo   Computer Science/Math/Bus
2002 Kevin Ng   Health Sciences
2002 Clynn Hsiung   Computer Engineering
2002 Phil Chow   Electrical Engineering
2002 Rob Cimicata   Computer Science
2002 Dr. Chris Roscoe Aerospace Engineering (UofT)
Ph.D Aerospace Engineering (Texas A&M)
2000 Cameron Conn-Grant   Systems Design
2000 Phil Watson   Computer Science
1999 Matt Donald   Computer Science
1995 Nicholas Kwong   Computer Science
1995 Randar Puust   Computer Science
1993 Daryl Boyd   Computer Science
1993 Kevin Thomson   Mechanical Engineering**
Ph.D thesis:
Soot formation in high-pressure laminar diffusion flames
1982 John Sladek   Computer Science
currently maintains vintage mainframes at Pickering Nuclear

*Earned a Certificate of Distinction for completing all six courses within the School.

**Governor General's Gold Medal - Top BASc Engineering Graduate 1998.