2012-2013 RSGC ACES: Robot Arm Project (RARM). Consultant: P. Elia.



RARM Controller. Remote Control the RARM is important. Since IR control was demonstrated before the March Break a custom built controller would be ideal.


  1. Design and implement a controller prototype an Arduino, Sparkfun components (switches, joystick, breakout board) together with a board-mounted IR transmitter and power supply (9V? 4-AAs? 2-3.7V rechargeable LiPos?)
  2. With approximate dimensions determined from the protoype, use the ViaCAD software to design a 3D controller which we will have manufactured if successful.


RARM Laser Cut

Hextronix HX5010 Servo Motor

Controller Details





ViaCAD Video Tutorials (P. Elia)

General Controller
  1. Desktop
  2. Inspector
  3. Ambiguity
  4. Show Points
  5. Export for Laser Cutting
  6. 2D to 3D
  7. From Surface to Solid
  1. Curves to Surface
  2. Extruding: Constant Blend
  3. Shelling and Adding a Part
  4. Split Handle Into 2 Parts
  5. Scale Differentiation
  6. Associativity
  7. Making a Solid From Surfaces