2019-2020 Productivity and Initiative Log

Are you a driver or a passenger? Are you the horse or the cart? Successful people are inspired and self-motivated. They do not wait around for others to tell them what to do next; they are perpetually engaged in seeking out opportunities to enhance their own passions and skill sets. Historically, schools have not been organized to cultivate individual student initiative. From the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, conformity and standardized syllabi have been the norm as they are tightly linked to institutional efficiency. Well, the world has moved beyond Ford's 'assembly line' mentality and responsible schools, like RSGC, are doing their best to adapt their practices accordingly to include incentivizing individual students' initiative.

In addition to my commitment to you as a class, I am also committed to each of you as individuals. I will continually update the table below over the course of the year as a reflection of my support for your personal growth within our Engineering and Design disciplines.

In a nutshell, think of this year as a tech internship, at the end of which one or more of you may be offered a permanent position. This is the reality you are heading into so condition yourself for it in ICS4U.

For example, here is a sample of the initiatives that increase your productivity standing:

Outcomes that lower your productivity standing,


ACE Anticipated Program Domains DES Days/Wk Productivity Progress +Initiatives/-Backwards
J. Dolgin

(Waterloo, Queens)

3 81% +Prusa Maintenance and MMU2 Upgrade (3-4h)
+TA interest
+mentoring two design understudies (JL and JV)
+Fusion 360 Instruction to peers
+repeated modifications to DDB Case
+Supervising the build of Prusa #3
+unboxing and installation of multi-filament order
+Consulting with Admissions on design and production of RSGC Crests
+volunteered for ACES Booth at RSGC Open House
+continued mentoring of 3D printing peers
+Multiple Capacitor Visualizer Design Edits and Printing 25
+Lead Support for Ultimaker Training Session
+Reorganized 3D Printing Inventory (Cabinet) and steel sheets
+Piston Research&Development
+printing 24 Analog Oscillator Cases
F. Fatola

Computer Eng.
(Waterloo, Queens, Mac)

2 56% +TA Interest
+brought all DES exhaust fans up to speed
+practiced hard after school for BCD unsigned
+reflashed ALL 30 Binary Challenge Devices for new round of games
+intense Charlieplexing code development
J. Lank Electrical Eng.
(Queens ECEi)
3 74%
+TA Interest
+support for Prusa multifilament upgrade
+Mastercraft Sander
+Inquired about the transformer for his DC/AC inverter
+SMD Introduction for two Grade 10s
+set up all soldering stations
+Watched AOYUE video on his own time
+brought in GB Machine for inspection as requested
+Assembly and testing of Prusa #3
+Learned to use the Ultimaker 2+
+Support for ACES' Open House Station
+Printing 25ish ICS2O Counting Cases!
+offered to rig up a camera and record Ultimaker Training Session
+wrestling with U2+ bed balancing
+Top score in ASCII Challenge
+Prepped and restored table for Ultimaker Training Session
+Assisted Grade 11 with printing his breadboard case
C. Macdonald Mechanical Eng.
(Queens,Waterloo, UofT)
3 60% +interest in developing a USB keyboard or mouse
+short discussions and simple trials on 7-segment display
+brought in GB Machine for inspection as requested
+brought in dongle to assist with JD's Fusion Workshops
+applied training experience to start 3D Printing (Flag)
+identified and unclogged Ultimaker boden tube
L. Mazzuca
(Windosr, Dal, Concordia)
4 57% +brought DES power bars up to speed
+practiced hard after school for BCD unsigned
+strong, visible, ISP efforts
+brought in GB Machine for inspection as requested
+logging long hours of R&D on Short ISP
+mentoring 10s and 11s after school on day other than official TA
+assisted with Amazon shipment
M. McCutcheon
(Queens, St FX)
2 63% +Interest in helping Mr. D. with Grade 7 intro to TinkerCAD
+repaired 4 of the 6 faulty DMMs
+assisted Grade 11 with intro to Hex BCD
+accepting full responsibility for personal 3D printing
+updating DES clock
+accepted responsibility for Galaxy Black
+enhanced progress on Short ISP
+voluntarily mentoring 10s and 11s
+intense Charlieplexing code development
J. Parker
(Queens, St FX)
3 60% +rearranged DES furniture :)
+repaired Magnifying Lamp
+brought in GB Machine for inspection as requested
+top score in FIXED BCD Challenge
+scrambled to develop laser cutting deadline
+top score in OCTAL BCD Challenge
+covered James' TA afternoon
S. Peterson
Computer Eng. (RMC)
Actuarial Sc. (
4 63% +TA interest
+after school mastery of the Binary Challenge: Unsigned
+helping stranded club members with Binary Challenge
+support for Ms. Hubbs' enriched clubbers
+brought in GB Machine for inspection as requested
- missed communication opportunity
+remembered to come after school to get over the octal fence
+Assisted with SMT Reflow Oven Soldering
-tardy DER submission
+significant interest in CHUMP Bonus Question
+Bakin' Bad
E. Pyper
Queens, Waterloo)
3 62% +suggested alternative Canadian sources for Prusa products
-Unsigned challenges
+casually initiaited progress on Solar turntable
+Corrected Mr. D. on his pronunciation of UNO
(It's OOOONo, not 'You Know')
+brought in GB Machine for inspection as requested
+Engaged post-production design efforts
+Assisted with SMT Reflow Oven Soldering
+brought in examples of filament.ca PLA prints
+Bakin' Bad