2017-2018 TEI4M Tasks
30d Long ISP: Publication  
Date ?. Email Subject: Long ISP
30c Long ISP: Presentation  
Dates. ?
30b Long ISP: Preview  
Dates. ?
  ER Flex Page  
Due ?. (circuit and Word document)
Email Subject: ER Flex Page
. Attach Flex.docx
30a Long ISP: Proposal  
Date ?. Submit hard copy in class.
20d Medium ISP: Publication  
Date. ? Email Subject: Medium ISP
20c Medium ISP: Presentation  
Date. ?
20b Medium ISP: Preview  
Date. ?
20a Medium ISP: Propsoal  
Date. Monday January 15. In Class. Hard copy to Mr. D.
2 Assembly Challenge 1
Date. Saturday December 2. Email Subject: Challenge 1 (ER)
10d Short ISP: Publication
Date. Saturday November 4. Email Subject: Short ISP
10c Short ISP: Presentation  
Date. Wednesday November 1. In Class
10b Short ISP: Preview  
Date. Monday October 16. In Class
1c Project 1. TTL Processor Publication  
Date. Saturday October 14. ER Summary
Email Subject: TTL Processor
1b Project 1. TTL Processor Presentation
Date. Tuesday October 10. In Class
1a Project 1. TTL Processor IC Presentation
Date. Monday September 18. In Class
10a Short ISP: Proposal  
Date. Thursday September 14. In Class. Hard copy to Mr. D.