2017-2018 Productivity and Initiative Log

Are you a driver or a passenger? Are you the horse or the cart? Successful people are inspired and self-motivated. They do not wait around for others to tell them what to do next; they are perpetually engaged in seeking out opportunities to enhance their own passions and skill sets. Historically, schools have not been organized to cultivate individual student initiative. From the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, conformity and standardized syllabi have been the norm as they are tightly linked to institutional efficiency. Well, the world has moved beyond Ford's 'assembly line' mentality and responsible schools, like RSGC, are doing their best to adapt their practices accordingly to include incentivizing individual students' initiative.

In addition to my commitment to you as a class, I am also committed to each of you as individuals. I will continually update the table below over the course of the year as a reflection of my support for your personal growth within our Design and Engineering disciplines.

ACE Anticipated Program Productivity Progress +Initiatives/-Backwards
Canavan, S.

Mech Eng

61% +'Voluntold' to fix Temperature Gauge
+ Sewing Club
+ helping out with Grade 9 Soldering
Dadyburjor, D.


78% +Multivibrator Case
+M2 Maintenance
+Peer CAD/3D Support
+Printing Grade 11 Boxes
- Not reading emails in a timely fashion
+Continuing support for Day Clock
+Repaired U3 Filament Feeder
Logush, O. Comp Eng
Comp Eng
77% +Grade 6 Support (Sep-Oct - Day 1:Per 4)
+Installed AS7 on Virtual Mach.
+Grade 6 Soldering Demo
+Pencil Sharpener
+Experiential Educators' Conference Presentation
+ Successful Involvement with Dr. Newton 's Lighting needs
+Responded to my call to round up DC Motors
McAuliffe, E.
Comp Eng
Comp Eng
89% +Scope Acquisition:
+Bounce Images Capacitor Chg/Dis Images
+Grade 6 Support (Sep-Oct - Day 1:Per 4)
+Scrolling Message Discharge Strategy
+Accepting greater share of responsibility
+Scope Trace of 595 Control Lines
+Scope Traces of 16MHz and 32k Crystals
+Breakpoint Tutorial
+RTC Square Wave Programming and Scope Traces
+Demonstration of Medium ISP to 10s
+Contacted KeySight Tech Support (false alarm)
+Senior School Pilot Timetable App
+ Repaired R42T console for Ms. Ghoreshy
Morland, T.

Comp Eng
McGill ($)
Comp Eng
96% +Day Counter v2
+Native Installation of AS7
+ATMEL ICE Debugging
+RS Latch
- Hmmmm
+Advancing personal design skills
+Demonstrating strong character
+DMM Maintenance
+ Successful Involvement with Dr. Newton 's Lighting needs
+AVR Delay Loop Enhancement
+Helping with Grade 9 Soldering Session
+Stabilizing EEPROM on ATtinys
+Atmel Studio Data Visualizer Summary
+ Scope trace of DC Fan PWM and Tach signals
Peterson, E.
Comp Eng
Comp. Eng.
94% +Hours spent exploring viability of the Mojo FPGA
+Programming Club Term 1
+Binary Counter PCB
+Apologizing for ....
+Programming Club Term 2
+Sewing Club
+Redo of Equalizer
+Helping Grade 9 with NeoPixel Ring
+Senior School Pilot Timetable App
+ Programming Club Term 2: App Development
Schaffer, J.
Elec Eng
ECE (Dir Ent)
66% +Assembling a Night Light
- Not reading emails in a timely fashion
+ assisting Mr. Kotecha with his project
+Support for Grade 11 ACES and assuming DES responsibilities
+Continued support for Junior ACES
Sheeres-Paulicpulle, A.
Comp Eng
Soft Eng/CS
60% +Hosted ACES Open House
+Following up on Short ISP