RSGC ACES: Introduction to Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) with ViaCAD 2D/3D v10


Purpose: To provide each student with an introduction to Computer-Assisted Drawing to explore design techniques as a complement to his engineering skills.
Introduction: Powerpoint Presentation
Instructor: Mr. Paul Elia
Location: DES
Duration: Six, 70-minute Sessions
Software: ViaCAD 2D3D v10. Home Page

The following video collection, prepared by Mr. Paul Elia, introduces you to some of the basic 2D CAD skills in ViaCAD 2D. (Vimeo)

  1. The ViaCAD 2D Desktop
  2. ViaCAD 2D Line Tool
  3. ViaCAD 2D Lines for Gecko Plate
  4. Gecko Lines for Gecko Plate Fillet
  5. RSGC ACES Gecko Plate Fillet Holes
  6. Tearing Off Tools
  7. How to Make a Surface
  8. RSGC Parts for Plexi
  9. Cut and Etch
  10. RSGC ACES spaced evenly
  11. Solid from a Mesh
  12. Tim Olson's 3D Print Check

Task-Specific Assets

  1. Modeling the Controller from Curves
  2. DIY Vacuum-Forming (
  3. RSGC Etch-A-Sketch Knob
  4. Game Console Video
  5. Edge Lit Acrylic (Project Inspiration): Video1, Video2
  6. Solid from a Mesh subdivided 4 times
  7. Handle Grip for Carlos' Gimbal Mount
  8. T Slot: T Slot for rsgc.sfx