2019/2020 ICS3U Challenge #1. Reaction Timer with LCD Display.
  1. Watch this video of a simple reaction timer again.
  2. You are asked to duplicate it's execution EXACTLY using your components (LCD module, 10 kΩ pot, and DEBOUNCED momentary push button wired into digital pin 2 of your Arduino.)
  3. On the software side, your code will,
    1. include the EXACT text you see in the video. No latitude here.
    2. Generate a random number between 1000 and 3000 as the delay before issuing the alert, "Now!" in column 0, row 0 of an, otherwise, blank screen. At this point the clock is running.
    3. Your program exploits the External Interrupt feature of the Arduino to monitor the user's button press.
    4. When pressed, your code will determine the number of milliseconds that have elapsed and and publish the result EXACTLY as shown in the video before pausing 3 more seconds until the entire sequence repeats itself.
  4. In the event your toolkit is 'component-deficient', you are NOT to raise your hand or leave your seat to go looking for a replacement. Just sit there quietly ensuring your software will function as expected when you find your missing parts(s)


Finally, remember the DES is a drama-free zone.