Flexible Circuits


2016 03 03. When flexible OLED technology becomes reasonably priced, it would intergrate well with this process.

2016 03 02. Ordered some 1206 components (150Ω resistor, Amber LED, Blue LED) and developed the circuit below with the help of some copper tape and a laminator. Jackson also tried his hand at soldering an ATtiny85 to some copper tape (inset).

2016 02 13. While browsing YouTube this morning I saw this and wondered if one of you might like to tackle a 'flexible' circuit board by integrating an SOIC-8 ATtiny85, some copper tape, and some SMD LEDs bonded between clear sheets in a laminator that integrate with FFCs (Flat Flexible Cables and Connectors). Multiple laminates could separate signal/component layers. We have most everything in the DES, including the laminator.